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    Please complete this form and follow the directions provided. Upon receipt of payment by regular mail, the products will be sent to you by e-mail. All publications are in the form of PDF or MS Word files, and the software is in the form of executable files.

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    Practice MCAT Test 3 Explanatory Answers U.S. $10.00
    Practice MCAT Test 4 Explanatory Answers U.S. $10.00
    Practice Verbal Reasoning 6 Explanatory Answers U.S. $5.00
    Preparation for MCAT Verbal Reasoning Explanatory Answers U.S. $10.00
    Skilled Reading for Standardized Tests (full version) U.S. $10.00
    Flashcards for MCAT Org Chem Rxns (full version) U.S. $10.00

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    The total amount includes taxes and duties. Please send a check, or international money order, made payable to Ken Evans. Please print this form and send with payment to:

      Ken Evans
      6647 Sherbrooke Street
      Vancouver, B.C.
      V5X 4C8

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