Product Information

    Practice MCAT Tests

      The Practice MCAT Tests are designed to be similar to actual MCAT exams in content and level of difficulty. It is offered through the internet for two reasons:

        1. There are no printing and shipping costs so the price can be set low
        2. Potential buyers can “test-drive” before purchasing.

      Completing the practice tests and studying the answers and explanations will help you become familiar with the exam and help you review and understand the MCAT subject areas.

    Preparation for MCAT Verbal Reasoning

      This book explains the types of Verbal Reasoning questions candidates will encounter and the logic used to answer them. Test-taking techniques are also described. It then provides twelve warm-up passages and seventy MCAT-like passages for extensive practice. The passages approximately progress from relatively easy to relatively difficult. The answers and explanations to the latter can be ordered separately.

    Skilled Reading for Standardized Tests

      The purpose of this software is to teach you to read skilfully. This means reading, with good comprehension, at a rate faster than the average 300 words per minute for university students. A more specific objective is to enable you to achieve a high score on the comprehension sections of standardized tests.* Most, if not all, courses and books on speed-reading teach very little about how to read rapidly; rather, they mostly teach methods of skimming. Although skimming is a useful skill, by itself it is insufficient for success on the comprehension sections of most standardized tests. For this, you must comprehend each passage well; in other words, you must be a skilled reader. There has been much research done in the field of reading psychology, and this software package applies the findings of this research in helping you to become a more skilful reader.

      *A standardized test is one that is administered to all test-takers in the same way under the same conditions so that each test-taker’s score can be compared to the scores of others. Examples of standardized tests are the DAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and SAT.

      To use this software, you need to download vbrun300.dll, unzip the zip file it comes in, and ensure vbrun.dll and the software are in the same folder in your computer.

    Flashcards for MCAT Organic Chemistry Reactions

      Many students find organic chemistry boring and overwhelming. Those who do well in this subject tend to have good memories and the ability to visualize structures and processes in three dimensions. However, many who are not especially endowed with these attributes are still able to do well by reviewing with flashcards.

      Flashcards are a time-proven method for learning, especially when the subject involves many pieces of factual information. Flashcards have two major advantages: the student must actively learn, and the learning process is enjoyable.

      I have developed a software package that simulates using flashcards. It has a database of 201 flashcards, each containing one to six reactions. You can view the cards in any logical sequence you desire, and you can also shuffle the cards into random order to test your knowledge. There is no limit to the number of times you can do this.

      To use this software, you need to download vbrun300.dll, unzip the zip file it comes in, and ensure vbrun.dll and the software are in the same folder in your computer.

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