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    The following comments were unsolicited. My thanks to those who took the time to provide them.
    • "We are not affiliated with MCAT Prep. This website lets you download free high quality MCAT tests and provides answers for $4 to $5. The tests are of very high quality." -

    • "Amirable work" - Dr. Brett Ferdinand MD, CM, FRCSC (

    • "I would like to order some of your materials for a MCAT Preparation Program that our office will be involved in." - Kathy Gibbs, Director, Student Academic Support Services,University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee 38163 (

    • "Dear Mr. Evans: We just returned from a College Physics symposium in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The attendees were physics professors from all across the U.S., and all agreed that one of the things that students find most useful are the MCAT practice questions. I would like to provide a link to your site from our College Physics Online Learning Center." - Mary E. Haas, Developmental Editor, Physics, McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2460 Kerper Blvd., Dubuque, IA 52001 ( (

    • "Thanks a lot. The materials really helped me get a good score on the MCAT." - Arjuna Perera (

    • "I don't even know how to begin expressing my gratitudefor your resourceful website and study materials. Well, here it goes,THANK YOU VERY MUCH for providing such a greatservice! You've done a wonderful job!" - Oleia (

    • "You fulfill the needs of people interested in organic chemistry. I'm astonished about this fact: The highly specialized chemists can't accomplish it, but obviously a poor medical student can! My fullest respect towards you!" - Gerd-Dieter Schlun, chemistry teacher (

    • "Your website is one of the few bits of gold, nay, platinum, among a towering pile of dross. I particularly enjoyed the compilations of classic mnemonics. Keep up the good work." - David Lounsbury, 3rd year kinesiology student, University of Waterloo (

    • "Your materials are very useful." - Sans Emmert (

    • "Great web has helped me a lot." - Villanueva (

    • "Thank you kindly for providing the test material and selecting such anefficient method of distribution!" - Houman Khosravani (

    • "Great webpage you've put together with much useful information." - Isaac Soo (

    • "A wonderful webpabge. It is awesome and very helpful. Thank you very much." -

    • "THANK YOU for your fabulous web site. the guidance you provide is an enormous help, and I will definitely continue to use it throughout the remainder of the preparation process! I especially enjoyed reading through the success stories. They give a realistic sense of what med schools are looking at!" - Dierdre Conley (

    • "Thanks for the mcat answers. Your prices are great." - Jonathan Jones (

    • "Great website and test materials. Theorganic chem flashcards are GREAT!" - Matt F., La Jolla, CA

    • "Your website was a big help in my preparation for the MCAT. I also took one of the review courses but found that it was helpful only part of the time. What helped me themost was the number of practice examples you offered. My firends and I went over them time and time again." - Haslab, Wesleyan University

    • "No other site has resources like yours. I appreciate all the time you put into this and please never take it down (at least for a year! ha ha)."- Joey B., Johns Hopkins University

    • "Excellent website. Amazing Resource. I like the fact that you have some documents as PDFs" - Dinesh U., USAF

    • "Great site, full of helpful info." - Derrick C., RN

    • "I am a third year pre-med student making arrangements for MCAT preparation. I wanted you to know that your site is by far the most accessible, thorough, and user-friendly site I have found in the last two months." - Benji, Oregon State University

    • "Fantastic MCAT site. It's been really helpful and one of the more informative ones I've found." - Lawrence H., UCSF

    • "Your prep materials are extremely good - well thought out. And the prices are very reasonable." - Mike R., McGill University

    • "EXCELLENT Web Site! THANK YOU!" - Hayden C. Long (

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